eth_createAccessList | Base

Base API method eth_createAccessList generates an access list for a transaction based on specific default values. An access list includes addresses and storage keys the transaction intends to access, facilitating more efficient gas usage.


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  • transactionObject โ€” an object containing transaction parameters with default values:
    • from โ€” the address of the sender.
    • data โ€” the data being sent with the transaction.
  • blockParameter โ€” specifies the blockchain state to use for generating the access list, with a default value of "pending".


  • result โ€” an object containing:
    • accessList โ€” the generated access list, detailing addresses and storage keys the transaction will access.
    • gasUsed โ€” the estimated gas used to execute the transaction with the generated access list.

Use case

The eth_createAccessList method is crucial for:

  • Preparing transactions that optimize gas usage by explicitly stating which addresses and storage keys will be accessed.
  • Developers aiming to reduce transaction costs and improve efficiency on the Base network.
  • Transactions that comply with EIP-2930, which introduces access lists as a transaction type to specify state access.

Try the eth_createAccessList RPC method yourself

This method provides a practical approach to optimizing transaction execution and gas usage on the Base blockchain by pre-determining the access list.

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