eth_getTransactionCount | Base

Base API method eth_getTransactionCount retrieves the number of transactions sent from a specified address, often used to determine the nonce for the next transaction from that address.


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  • address — the address to get the transaction count for. In this example.
  • block — the block number (in hexadecimal) or one of the strings "earliest", "latest", or "pending", indicating the state to consider. The default is "latest".


  • result — the number of transactions sent from the specified address, returned as a hexadecimal string.

Use case

The eth_getTransactionCount method is essential for:

  • Wallets and transaction services that need to calculate the nonce for new transactions.
  • Applications that monitor account activity, including outgoing transactions.
  • Tools that analyze the history and behavior of accounts on the Ethereum blockchain.

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