eth_getTransactionReceipt | Base

Base API method eth_getTransactionReceipt retrieves the receipt of a transaction by its hash. This receipt includes details such as the transaction's outcome (status), gas used, and logs generated by the transaction. This method is crucial for confirming transaction execution and for interacting with smart contracts.


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  • transactionHash — the hash of the transaction for which the receipt is being requested.


  • result — an object containing the transaction receipt details, including the transaction hash, index, block hash, block number, from and to addresses, cumulative gas used, gas used by this transaction, contract address (if a contract was created), an array of logs, the logs bloom filter, and the status of the transaction (1 for success, 0 for failure).

Use case

The eth_getTransactionReceipt method is essential for:

  • DApps that need to confirm the outcome of a transaction, especially after interacting with smart contracts.
  • Services that monitor transactions for confirmation, gas usage, and event logging.
  • Tools that analyze the efficiency and effects of transactions on the Base network.

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