Validator information by state and ID or public key

The /eth/v1/beacon/states/{state_id}/validators/{validator_id} endpoint retrieves detailed information about a specific validator within a given state of the Beacon Chain. This endpoint is crucial for obtaining in-depth data about individual validators, including their status, balances, and participation in the Ethereum network.


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  • state_id β€” the identifier of the state for which validator information is requested. Acceptable values for state_id include:
    • head β€” represents the latest canonical state in the node's view.
    • genesis β€” refers to the initial state of the Beacon Chain.
    • finalized β€” indicates the most recent state that has been finalized.
    • justified β€” denotes a recently justified state in the Proof of Stake consensus.
    • <slot> β€” a specific time slot in the Ethereum protocol.
    • <hex encoded stateRoot with 0x prefix> β€” a specific state root in hexadecimal format.
  • validator_id β€” the identifier of the specific validator. This can be a validator index, public key, or a hexadecimal representation of the validator's public key.


The response consists of an object with the following fields:

  • data β€” an array of objects, each representing a validator, with fields including:
    • index β€” the index number of the validator.
    • balance β€” the current balance of the validator in Gwei.
    • status β€” the current status of the validator, with possible values:
      • pending_initialized β€” awaiting sufficient balance for activation.
      • pending_queued β€” queued for activation.
      • active_ongoing β€” actively participating in the consensus process.
      • active_exiting β€” requested to exit, but not yet exited.
      • active_slashed β€” slashed and awaiting exit.
      • exited_unslashed β€” exited without being slashed.
      • exited_slashed β€” exited due to being slashed.
      • withdrawal_possible β€” eligible to withdraw funds.
      • withdrawal_done β€” successfully withdrawn.
    • validator β€” detailed information about the validator, such as:
      • public_key β€” the public key of the validator.
      • withdrawal_credentials β€” required credentials for fund withdrawal.
      • effective_balance β€” the validator's effective balance in Gwei.
      • slashed β€” indicates if the validator has been slashed.
      • activation_eligibility_epoch β€” eligibility epoch for activation.
      • activation_epoch β€” the epoch of validator activation.
      • exit_epoch β€” the epoch of validator exit.
      • withdrawable_epoch β€” the epoch after which withdrawal is possible.
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