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The interactive example will return Slot already finalized unless you edit the parameters.

The /eth/v2/validator/blocks/{slot} method is an essential API endpoint in the Ethereum Beacon Chain, designed for validators to retrieve proposed block details for a specific slot. A slot in the Beacon Chain is a discrete time interval during which a new block can be proposed. This method is crucial for validators who are assigned to propose a block, enabling them to access the necessary data to perform their duties effectively.


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  • {slot}: This parameter specifies the slot number for which the block details are being requested. It is a required parameter and forms part of the endpoint URL.


  • object โ€” proposed block information.
    • slot โ€” the slot number for which the block information is provided. This confirms the specific time interval the response data is relevant to.
    • proposer_index โ€” the index of the validator who is responsible for proposing the block at this slot. This index identifies the specific validator within the Beacon Chain.
    • parent_root โ€” the root of the parent block to which this proposed block will be attached. This is vital for maintaining the continuity of the blockchain.
    • state_root โ€” the root of the beacon chain state after the proposed block's effect. This state root ensures the integrity of the chain's state post-block proposal.
    • body โ€” the body of the proposed block, containing transactions, attestations, and other relevant data. This detailed information is crucial for validators and network participants to understand the contents and impact of the proposed block.

The /eth/v2/validator/blocks/{slot} method is a key tool for validators in the Ethereum network, allowing them to access detailed information about their block proposal responsibilities. This ensures they are well-prepared to contribute to the blockchain's growth and stability.

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