Produce an unsigned blinded block


The interactive example will return Slot already finalized unless you edit the parameters.

The /eth/v1/validator/blinded_blocks/{slot} method is a specialized API endpoint in the Ethereum Beacon Chain. It is designed to provide information about blinded blocks for a specific slot. A blinded block is a form of block proposal that contains limited information, typically used in specific consensus mechanisms or when enhanced privacy and security are required during the block proposal process.

This endpoint is particularly useful for validators and developers who need to interact with blinded blocks, whether for validation, analysis, or synchronization with the Beacon Chain.


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  • {slot}: This parameter specifies the slot number for the blinded block information being requested. It is a crucial parameter and forms an integral part of the endpoint URL.


  • object โ€” blinded block information.
    • slot โ€” the slot number for which the blinded block information is provided. This confirms the specific time interval the response data is relevant to.
    • proposer_index โ€” the index of the validator responsible for the blinded block proposal. This index is used to identify the specific validator within the Beacon Chain.
    • parent_root โ€” the root of the parent block to which this blinded block is linked. Understanding the parent block is important for maintaining blockchain continuity.
    • state_root โ€” the root of the beacon chain state after the inclusion of the blinded block. The state root is essential for verifying the integrity of the chain's state post-block inclusion.
    • body โ€” the body of the blinded block, containing the necessary data in a blinded format. This section includes transactions and attestations but with limited visibility to protect certain aspects of the block data.

The /eth/v1/validator/blinded_blocks/{slot} method plays a crucial role in the context of Ethereum, especially for validators and participants who engage with more advanced and privacy-focused aspects of blockchain operations. It ensures access to necessary but restricted information for effective blockchain management and security.

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