# eth/v1/beacon/states/{state_id}/committees RPC method

Ethereum consensus layer Beacon Chain API call that returns the committees (opens new window) for the given state.


  • state_idstring — (required) the state identifier with:
    • head — the canonical head of the chain in the view of the node that you are sending the call to.
    • genesis — the genesis state of the chain.
    • justified — the slot in the current epoch that has received attestations (opens new window) from two thirds of the Ethereum validators.
    • finalized — the previously justified slot that is now in the epoch that is at least immediately previous to the current epoch.
    • slot — the slot number.
    • 0xstateRoot — the root hash for the global chain state after applying changes in the block (opens new window) that is in the slot.
  • epochstring — fetches committees for the given epoch. If not present, then the committees for the epoch of the state will be obtained.
  • indexstring — restricts returned values to those matching the supplied committee index.
  • slotstring — restricts returned values to those matching the supplied slot.


  • execution_optimisticbooleantrue if the response references an unverified execution payload. Optimistic information may be invalidated at a later time. If the field is not present, assume the false value.
  • dataarrayobject with:
    • indexstring — the inndex of the committee at a slot.
    • slotstring — the slot number.
    • validatorarray — the list of validator indices assigned to this committee.


curl -X GET https://beacon-nd-123-456-789.p2pify.com/3c6e0b8a9c15224a8228b9a98ca1531d/eth/v1/beacon/states/head/committees